32LDN is a project that aims to collectively build a picture of today's London, through the participation of people from all walks of life. The content created will help us create an exhibition of films, photographs, art and music that tells the story of modern London. Get involved and contribute via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or YouTube.

What does it mean to be a Londoner in the 21st century?

Never before has London been so diverse, vibrant and alive. This cosmopolitan metropolis has now a population of over 8 million; within which 270 nationalities are present and more than 300 languages are spoken. In this modern age London can be seen as a microcosm of the world.

32LDN is a celebration of life in London’s 32 boroughs; we plan to tell the story, capture the spirit and bring closer together the communities that make up the most constantly evolving city on earth.

From Barnet to Bromley and from Havering to Hillingdon we are the 32LDN and together we make one city.

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